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The Romance Author Novel Organizer

The Romance Author Novel Organizer

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The Romance Author's Novel Organizer is going to help you tell it!

The Romance Author's Novel Organizer guides you through the process of novel writing from concept to writing to publishing to selling your book. It's a workbook/journal to organize all your ideas, to-dos, notes, plots, publishing tasks, and marketing plans for your work-in-progress.

Inside you'll find tips, resources, checklists, and worksheets designed to take your current romance novel idea from concept to bestseller, including:

* Tips to finding time and making space to write
* Tips to getting motivated to write
* Setting your novel-writing goals and milestones
* Write to Publish Checklist & Timeline
* Storyboards
* Character Sketches
* Setting List and Sketches
* Major Plot Points Worksheets
* Research Note Sheets
* Chapter and Scene Card Summary Sheets
* Writing Schedule Sheet
* Revision Checklist
* Agent/Publisher Research
* Novel Submission Tracker
* Self-Publishing Checklist
* Author Platform Worksheet
* Author Marketing Content Cheat Sheet
* Author Marketing Content Ideas
* Book Launch Checklist
* ARC Team Organizer
* Monthly Marketing Planner
* Sales Tracker

*Plus many dot and lined pages to store ideas, take notes, jot reminders, and much more!

The Romance Author Novel Organizer keeps all the ideas, information, and tasks for your current work in progress in one spot to keep your writing on pace and your publishing and marketing tasks on track.

What you receive...

Once you order, you'll receive an email with the link to download the PDF file of The Romance Author's Novel Organizer. Click the link, and it will automatically download to your computer. 

You can then print the organizer and use it manage your romance writing projects. 

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